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New EIN: Do You Need New EIN For Filing 2290 Truck Tax?

New EIN - Employer Identification Number

Understanding the role of EIN in 2290 truck tax reporting. Identification.  It’s a critical element of your 2290 filing regime, your information returns with the IRS.  While individuals are required to report their social security numbers (SSNs), business entities are required to report employer identification numbers (EINs).  If you’ve recently received your new EIN from […]

Guide To Understanding Your EIN & Why You Must Have An EIN To File Form 2290?

Guide To Understanding Your Employer Identification Number

Understand the significance of EIN in your Form 2290 filings. The Employer Identification Number or EIN is a taxpayer identification number (TIN) assigned to self-employed individuals and businesses. It’s common knowledge that TINs (or EINs in this context) are assigned to businesses by either the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  […]

What Are EIN, VIN, Taxable Gross Weight (TGW), And 2290 Amendments?

EIN, VIN, Taxable Gross Weight (TGW)

Familiarize yourself with the most common terminologies used in HVUT 2290 tax information reporting, such as EIN, VIN, Taxable Gross Weight (TGW), and 2290 Amendments. The trucking community is one of the most hardworking communities out there.  That’s a fact.  Every year, around May-June, trucking companies, self-employed truckers, and large fleet owners prepare and file […]