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Why Should You eFile Your 2290 Returns With EZ2290?

eFile Form 2290 ReturnsWith Ez2290

Learn how EZ2290, an IRS-authorized eFile provider, trusted by 10,000+ trucking companies, drives quick and easy 2290 filings for a variety of trucking businesses. Everything in the world revolves around communication, including your tax filings.  An information return’s job is to collect the data from the filer (you) and communicate it to the authorities at […]

Guide To Understanding Your EIN & Why You Must Have An EIN To File Form 2290?

Guide To Understanding Your Employer Identification Number

Understand the significance of EIN in your Form 2290 filings. The Employer Identification Number or EIN is a taxpayer identification number (TIN) assigned to self-employed individuals and businesses. It’s common knowledge that TINs (or EINs in this context) are assigned to businesses by either the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  […]

HVUT Form 2290 Late Filing Penalties

HVUT Form 2290 Late Filing Penalties

Here’s what happens when you delay your 2290 filings beyond the IRS due date. Are you someone who likes to live life on the edge?  Or someone who isn’t easily scared?  Or perhaps you’re just a regular human being who procrastinates. No matter who you are, you can’t risk missing your 2990 filings beyond the […]

Understanding Form 2290 Tax Suspended Vehicles 

Form 2290 Tax Suspended Vehicles

What’s a suspended vehicle, and how should you report 2290 tax suspended vehicles on IRS Form 2290? Trucking businesses deal with fleets all the time.  You probably work with a variety of vehicles. However, it’s not just about dealing with different types of vehicles but also working with vehicles that have different compliance formalities attached […]