Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding IRS HVUT Form 2290

Ultimate Guide To Understanding IRS HVUT Form 2290

A simple guide to help you understand, prepare, and e-File Form 2290 for the tax year 2020-2021. Businesses within the trucking industry understand the essence of HVUT compliance. A compliant business means sustainability and consistency.  With many businesses still recovering from a harsh 2020, not complying with the IRS would result in unwarranted penalties and […]

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Vehicle Identification Number

Explore the purpose and uses of Vehicle Identification Number + tips to correct a previously reported incorrect VIN. A vehicle identification number is a subject of keen interest to many. This is especially true for businesses and self-employed individuals within the transportation and trucking industries, where a vehicle influences the operational aspects of the business.  […]