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Form 2290: Logging

Tisha Morris Logging can mean multiple things, from keeping a book log in a truck or an office, to logging trees.But what exactly does it mean when it is asked in the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax Form? Should you select yes or no?When you are adding a vehicle, whether it is taxable or tax […]

Choosing a Payment Option

Tisha MorrisEmily is in the process of filing a 2290 for her dad. She doesn’t know why he chose to have her do this, as she has never done one before and is not familiar with how it works. But, it’s her dad, so she agrees to help. She signs up and proceeds to fill out […]

IRS Payment: Paper vs. eFile

Tisha MorrisMany truck drivers and tax professionals have, at some point, filed a 2290 by paper. You may have gone to your local IRS office with your information. You had your payment in hand to file and pay for the 2290 form for the Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax. The process is a little different when […]

Using Saved Vehicle Information

Tisha MorrisOne of the benefits of filing your 2290 online is that the information used in the previous tax year is saved in the account. This makes the next years filing pretty easy if you do not have any vehicles to add or delete.When you create a new return and select ‘2290 Return New’, the […]

EZ2290 Annual Subscription

Tisha MorrisThere are a few different ways to pay the filing fee for the 2290. You can pay by debit or credit card when you submit the 2290, set up prepay in the account, or pay for the annual subscription. We are going to focus on the annual subscription.Who should sign up for the annual […]

EFTPS: New Email Confirmation

Submitting a payment through the EFTPS used to feel like an incomplete transaction. The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is a channel to submit a tax payment to the IRS. In years past, the EFTPS did not issue a payment confirmation or receipt. A bank statement was your only proof of payment.Now, the EFTPS sends automatic […]

How to correct a VIN?

Sometimes when filing a 2290, you might accidentally file a VIN with a wrong letter or number. What are you supposed to do when this happens and the IRS accepts your return with the wrong vehicle information? You will file a VIN correction. Why do I file an Amended Return if I entered the VIN […]