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8 Funny #Trucking Memes Of The Week 

Funny Trucking Memes Of The Week

Here are 8 funny memes we found on the internet to lighten up your day.  This all-too-relatable scenario  This harsh reality about the #trucking life This amused truck  This low-key swag  This unfortunate but ironic event  This ford truck that’s doing the bare minimum  This truck driver who’s ready to give it all up  This […]

Understanding Your Commercial Motor Vehicle Classification: A Quick Guide

Commercial Motor Vehicle Classification

Here’s a simple guide to help you understand CMV classification. Did you know that there are approximately eight types of commercial motor vehicle categories in the U.S.? That’s right. The U.S. recognizes eight different classes of commercial motor vehicles and these classes are further clubbed and sub-divided into three, smaller categories. Each of these categories […]